Fact Sheet

Company: Direct Solution, Inc.

Direct Solution is engaged in the high volume repair of portable electronic devices and appliances including DTV converter boxes and DVR. We also provide a full range of contract manufacturing, rework services, and logistics services to optimize your warranty supply chain.

Year Founded: 2001
Office & Warehoue: 1177 Red Gum St., Anaheim CA 92806
                        14115 Pontlavoy Ave. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Telephone: 1.714.399.3757 (Main Phone)
                     1.714.399.3758 (Fax)
Business Functions:
- OEM Certified/Authorized service centers
- DTV Converter Box Repair: PCB, SMPS, Tuner Rework and Logistics
- DVR Repair : Security Camera, Main board, HDD Rework and Logistics
- MP3 Player 3PL : MP3 Player EDI and Logistics
- Inventory management: Buffer Stock management / Logistics
Locations & Capacity:
- Southern California, Near by LAX airport and Long Beach Port
- 17,500 sqft logistics
- 2,500 sqft repair and rework facility